STMSS Extra - Jamie Mustard - The Way Forward

Visionary thinker and award-winning author of The Iconist, Jamie Mustard joins the show to talk about how to identify the single most important, basic, and compelling theme to emerge from this series and how to move forward in addressing suicide in the military affiliated population
About Today’s Guest:

Jamie Mustard is the world’s leading authority on perception in the physical world.  Steeped in the worlds of technology, product engagement, and the creative arts, Jamie consults with leading companies, CEOs, creative artists, etc., getting their messages, products, brands and ideas to STAND OUT to their desired audiences.

This is the science and art of getting heard and being memorable in iconic fashion.  A graduate of the London School of Economics, Jamie’s work is an explanation of the ‘economics of attention’ based on the primal laws and neuro-scientific research on human perception called BLOCKS™, which explain why anything STANDS OUT and endures in the mind (or fails to).  In his bestselling and O.W.L  Award-winning book, The ICONIST: The Art and Science of Standing Out,  he uses case studies in business and pop culture, in addition to his extensive scientific research, to explore how BLOCKS™ solve one of our most crucial problems: Being made invisible.

He has spoken, educated and inspired others with his work ubiquitously including, Cisco, Intel, Symantec, Adidas, Pacific Northwest College of Art and TEDx . Jamie’s ICONIST work has spanned some of the world’s leading companies, technologies, artists, designers, creatives, non-profits and the globe.  In his vibrant multimedia speech presentations, he gives audiences the power of capturing attention to those who are feeling stifled by an over-messaged culture. When we can get attention at will, we can motivate and inspire others, adapt faster, get buy-in, improve organizational culture, generate demand, increase productivity and ultimately be more fulfilled as organizations and individuals.

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